hi there. this is michael

hi there. this is michael from negative273.  Im just here to let everyone know where all the posts went.  see, tonight I finally got around to switching rachel over to blogger.  this is good, because it means she doesnt need to edit the page with dreamweaver to post anymore.  blogger automates all that, so the whole process will be a lot simpler and a lot faster now.  in fact, she can post from any web browser.  unfortunately, there was no way to keep all of novembers posts on the page.  so ouranophobe is starting with a clean slate.  dont worry, though.  rachel should be adding more soon.  especially since I intend to keep bugging her about it until she does.

(also, I feel I should remind everyone that all the old posts arent gone forever.  if youre feeling nostalgaic, you can still read them in the archives.)

11-20-2001 11:34 PM - comments (0)