i'm still not joining the alumni association

I know I promised to stay away, but I have some good news. I got a job! I'm now the assistant editor of A&D Watch, an oil industry newsletter about property acquisitions and divestitures (hence the A&D of A&D Watch). A&D Watch is a publication of Oil and Gas Investor, and Oil and Gas Investor is a kind of sister publication to Chemical Week. (People tell me it's the leading magazine for the chemical industry, though I didn't know it from Adam two weeks ago. All are owned by Hart Publications, in case you were interested, which I'm sure you're not. But I have to be!)

Though I spent two summers working at ExxonMobil--granted, in a much different capacity--I'm almost entirely positive I'll have my work cut out for me as far as terminology, house (copyediting) style, etc. goes. I'll be editing press releases, doing some research and reporting, paginating the newsletter and, at some point, writing features. On what, I don't know. I'll tell you when I know more.

The benefits are awesome, or at least they seem so to someone like me, who, upon hearing the words "two weeks paid vacation," "nine paid sick and/or personal days" and "401K program with matching company funds," forgot she was supposed to try to negotiate more money out of the company and accepted the job on the spot. Oh, well. I clearly still have a lot of learning to do.

So my summer goals--pay off my mounting credit card debt; save for the Acapulco trip in August (with michael, Zach and his fiance, Harriet; the boys are going to an AI convention with Lewis the Robot and graciously invited me along); save enough for a month's rent and furniture; save for grad school--should be met. At least some weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

06-07-2003 12:06 AM - comments (5)