it's coming

Hell yeah.

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shake it like a polaroid picture

"Hey Ya" by OutKast: Best new song of the summer. Better than "The Whole World." Better than a lot of things.

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i'm not what you'd call a crier

It's my last day of work and my second-to-last day of living in Houston.

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we'll all be laughing when her record bombs

It would seem President Bush has found a new spokesperson who is intelligent, politically savvy and college-educated. Oh, wait. No he hasn't. Well, at least she's into kissing girls. Oh, wait. Not really. It was all for show. (I bet the gay and lesbian community loves when stars do stuff like that.) But she does do cocaine. Give her a break, she wants to try everything once! She doesn't want to have regrets, people! Doing coke is, like, something you totally wouldn't regret. And besides that, at least she can sing. Oh, wait... (Honestly, does she have any redeeming qualities besides her good looks?)

Quoth Ms. Spears: "I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that."

Gee, Britney, are you trying to get John Ashcroft all hot and bothered? Methinks it's working. Hey, maybe you could release your new record to coincide with the expansion of the Patriot Act. That would be, like, awesome.

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but don't take my word for it

I'm thinking of joining Kristin's book blog. Unfortunately, though, I haven't done much serious reading this summer for lack of time, but I have managed to read all 18 of Jonathan Kellerman's books. They're mysteries, although I realize saying that is pretty much damning with faint praise. Kellerman is a former child psychologist, and his protagonist, Alex Delaware, is really intriguing. Delaware has virtually no personality in the novels, which I love; he's quiet and whatever introspection he does is done somewhere outside the pages of the book. He seems to serve as a mirror for the other characters in the book, and Kellerman manages to pull off the technique (a common one in post-modern lit--the sort of "hollow man" characterization) without seeming forced. Kellerman also writes with authority, which I appreciate.

So yeah, it's not existentialism, but it's simultaneously intelligent and entertaining. Plus Delaware is hot hot hot (in my mind) and there's always some weird erotica going on. If you're interested in child psych or weird erotica, or both at once (you sicko!), you'd probably like Kellerman.

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I swear, I'm going to post like I've never posted before. As soon as I get settled in to my new apartment, a giant deluge of posts will sweep you away and drown you--figuratively!! And literally, for all of those who have crossed me. Also for some unfortunate sorts who just need to accept that God has a plan for all of us, even if that death-by-blog plan really sucks. And let's face it, it does. Deal with it.

I found out at lunch today that there will be a sequel to Dude, Where's My Car? entitled No, Really, Dude, Where's My Car? Do they make days any better than this one?

Okay, this might be a bit too revealing, but my favorite commercial in the world is the Jumbone commercial:

A big dog doesn't wanna chew a small bone
Any more than he wants to play the trombone
In fact if he could use the telephone
He'd call up and order this new Jumbone
It's a really really big really big big bone
And that's why they call it Jumbone!

The thought on all of our minds is, What? We can really order this here Jumbone over the phone?

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