So Mondays always get me

So Mondays always get me in a weird state. Not like the whole Office Space "Someone's got a case of the Mondays," but a paralyzing sense of dread in the mornings and an unbelievable sense of wonder in the evenings. Granted, a few glasses of Shiraz and some trashy reality show-viewing (and you thought Joe Millionaire couldn't be done again) might play a role some nights...

It's odd to be in this position. I never professed to be the kind of person who took things one day at a time. In fact, if it were said in a cliche, I probably took an aversion to it. In truth, I look to the future constantly. The moment scares me to death because people who lose jobs, great deals of money and true loves always seem to have lived in the moment. I have a hard time enjoying one minute without thinking what will happen the next.

But slowly and surely, and with all the accompanying cliches, I am learning to like this. One more glass of red wine and one more song, and I have no idea what's going to happen. My blood courses more quickly. An amber glow lights my room. His shy smile leaps off a photograph. So yeah, the blood could slow down, the lights could dim and he might someday look at me with sad regret. But for now, I'm going to close my eyes and hope the cliche is worth everything they promise it is.

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beneath the storm

I used to think "Stinkfist" was the best Tool song, but now I'm pretty sure it's "H."

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motion passes

From The Onion:

Alderman Has That Zoning Dream Again
"AMES, IA—Fourth District Alderman Frank Pelson, 47, awoke with a start Monday night, interrupting his recurring zoning dream. 'It was the third night in a row,' Pelson said. 'I'm sitting at my desk, drafting my proposal for the construction of a municipal pool near Franklin Park, when my inbox is besieged with angry petitions from residents who object to the traffic that the public recreational facility would generate.' Pelson said the dream always ends the same way, with him experiencing the sensation of falling out of his office chair into a 60 percent business, 40 percent residential abyss."

The sad thing is, I relate all too well to this article. Who would have thought that after that unfortunate incident only four years ago in Journalism 200 covering a planning and zoning meeting (and failing the assignment because my lede was about how people were dozing off) that I'd so quickly be back in the saddle?

Err, government building, rather.

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you idiot kid, you don't have a clue

One of the greatest songwriters of all time is dead.

I think it's really sad that no one's really surprised by this.

One of my favorite memories is of listening to "Sweet Adeline" on the way to class every day for about a semester. His words just get inside of you.

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buy low, sell high

So Katie Couric is being criticized for her interview with Elizabeth Smart.

Actually, with a big book deal and multiple paid television appearances, I'd be criticizing the girl's parents instead. It's been only eights months since she's been back, and here they are, turning her kidnapping into a cash cow.

It really is the television news industry's nature to report on ultra-sensitive stuff in an insensitive manner. But I would have hoped a mother and father would have tried to protect their daughter from the wolves this time around.

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straight to my head

I like The Wrens a lot. I'm also glad Pitchfork is around to tell me what's good.

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film moments

There are few moments in film like the moment when Aragorn, believed to be dead, throws open the doors to the Golden Hall in Edoras. And yeah, I know that makes me a geek. But it makes me a geek with good taste, probably.

I cannot wait for The Return of the King to come out.

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