how i used to be

They played one of my favorite songs on Without a Trace tonight--"Mad World" by Gary Jules. It's one of Chase's favorite songs, too, and it made me think of him.

In other news, I had a really perfect day at work today. Nothing of note, really, but I finally hit my stride. I think I made a joke at a meeting. I did all sorts of un-Rachel-like-things. I volunteered for tedious tasks. My Diet Pepsi was stolen from the lunchroom fridge. I drove home and listened to loud music and talk radio and just laughed and laughed and felt cocky. Success is the most elusive, addictive drug there is.

11-18-2003 10:39 PM - comments (1)

all apologies

If I'm only going to post once every couple of weeks, it probably should be about something more momentous than "I like a song of Britney Spears'."

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I never thought I'd say this, but I really like one of Britney Spears' songs. Actually, I would really be happy without her singing on it. It's one of those really pretty, haunting ballads. It's called "Everytime," and I first heard it--instrumentally--after her special on MTV. Maybe you'll hear it somehow and like it, too.

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My previous health insurance provider, Oxford Health Plans, sent me an information packet a few weeks ago, even though I'm no longer insured by them. I was disappointed to learn that Oxford will cover most medical procedures besides sex change operations and cloning.

It's a good thing I didn't try to clone myself this summer with my $15 Oxford Health copay, or they would really be after me now. Wowee.

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