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No more posts for a while. I'm visiting Christie in Chicago for a long weekend. Of course, that's not really why there won't be any new posts, but it certainly sounds more exotic than "I've lost my will to write."

I might as well rename this blog Memephilia.

Five items in my freezer (most of which is probably ruined from the storms two weeks ago):
1. Trader Joe's Gnocchi alla Sorentina
2. Cream cheese wontons
3. A package of chicken breasts
4. Healthy Choice pizzas from a year ago
5. Toasted ravioli

Five items in the closet:
1. Laundry basket
2. Way too many clothes, many of which I don't wear anymore, organized by style and color. Because I have neuroses.
3. Suitcases
4. Elliott, who likes sleeping on the suitcases
5. Shoe rack (actually in Michael's closet, along with my dress jackets and winter jackets)

Five items in the car:
1. A garage door opener from my last apartment
2. An AP Stylebook
3. An inflatable bed (I never took it out from visiting a friend in Columbia)
4. The new Tool CD, which I haven't actually listened to yet
5. My claim form from when my car was hit by a tree two weeks ago (I just got the car back today)

Five items in my purse:
1. Makeup bag
2. Cell phone
3. Wallet
4. Business card holder
5. Extra contact lens packet in case one falls out, which it often does

Five people I tag:
1. Clare
2. Amy S.
3. Sara
4. Kristin
5. I don't think I have a fifth friend who would do this. Maybe someone else with writer's block?

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